National online lotteries in 12 countries (and counting) operated under official government-issued licenses. Draws fairness and transparency provided thanks to blockchain technology. All countries linked into one BIG World Game (GG World Lottery).

Receive lifetime revenue share based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win

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Be part of a globally recognised product and receive lifetime dividends.
Innovative and transparent draw system with integration of truly random numbers. Online-first product created for modern world.
First lottery and TV show that covers the whole world. Multiple online points of sale including national lottery websites and WhiteLotto network white label websites.

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millions of people


The very first government-regulated and licensed global online lottery with innovative True Random Number Generator technology and blockchain based transparency.


Our team consists of lottery experts such as Mark Hutchinson, a member of a founding State of Lotto America (later known as Powerball).

Global Expansion

GG World will globalize the lottery industry starting from Africa, South America and Asia, and will run government regulated national lotteries in multiple countries located in these continents.


We not only have the plan, but all the components ready. We are responsible for creating the best and unique in its category white-label lottery software.

The global lottery industry generated over $279 billion in ticket sales in 2017 (World Lottery Association).


Real and working white label and lottery software available to everybody before the crowdsale

Head to or and play your favorite lotteries right now. That's right - we are already a big player in the lottery world and our lotteries will be available to you before the crowdsale. Invest in something real!


Our CEO Mark Hutchinson was a member of a founding State of Lotto America, which became Powerball

This is just one accolade from his huge experience. He globally participated in over 25 lottery market start-ups. Merging his lottery knowledge with GG's software and marketing experience provides everything needed to run multiple successful government regulated lotteries.


We are setting up multiple online national lotteries starting from Africa, South America and Asia

We already have signed over ten NDA agreements with official regulatory bodies in countries from these continents. Our GG World Lottery will be available on national lottery websites. We will roll out the countries one by one, so watch out for the news and follow us on social media.


Our lotteries will be transparent and certified by Gaming Laboratories International

We have figured out a unique draw system that will provide truly random numbers based on the natural randomness of the world, taking advantage of quantum physics, along with the draw transparency provided by Ethereum Smart Contracts technology. Our Random Number Generator system will be certified by Gaming Laboratories International - a very well-known company in the gaming industry.


The first global TV show - a world event with lottery players from around the planet

Monthly, one person from each jurisdiction will be chosen for possible participation in the bi-annual GG World Show TV event. These entrants will immediately become mini-celebrities in their own countries, one of just a few hundred people that might win a life-altering multi-million dollar jackpot. All this is possible through our partnership with Goodson Gaming, a company that over eighteen years has launched more television game shows than any other producer, and worked in partnership with 27 lotteries globally. Without a doubt, Goodson are the acknowledged experts in TV lottery entertainment.


Receive lifetime revenue share based on every Jackpot prize win

All token-holders will receive a lifetime revenue share based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win. Each time someone wins the Jackpot - you win together with the Jackpot prizewinner! After the ICO and national lotteries start we will release the token-holder's investment panel, where you will have to submit your token-holding Ethereum account. Thanks to this, you will receive quarterly-paid dividends based on the amount of tokens you own and the total amount of tokens sold during the ICO!

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Team + General Bounty


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$1 =1 GGC
Total issue
500,000,000 GGC
Soft cap
Hard cap
375,000,000 GGC

The Roadmap

Q1/2 2018 & BEFORE

WhiteLotto & LottoPark launch (2017)
Company formation and legal agreements (Q1 2018)

Q3 2018

ICO website, social media accounts, basic whitepaper
Investors accounts’ launch, affiliate system launch, full whitepaper
Private pre-sale start (July 1st)

Q4 2018

RNG system certified by Gaming Laboratories International
Token Smart Contract source code release
Start of ICO / STO (November 30th)

Q1 2019

End of ICO / STO (February 28th)
Token market introduction

Q2 2019+

GG World Lottery public release on government-regulated markets
GG World tickets available for purchase on the GG national lottery’s websites
Company’s lotteries connected to WhiteLotto websites
More national lotteries, new markets expansion
GG World Show (2020)

The Team

Mark Hutchinson

CEO and President of GG International Ltd, Gaming Solutions International and Goodson Gaming LLC. Mark is a 35-year veteran of the global lottery industry and one of the world's leading experts in emerging markets. He was Director of the Kansas Lottery, and a founding member of the Lotto America start up (Powerball, the world's largest lottery game).

Wojciech Łysak

GG International Founder and expert in international solutions with over fifteen years' experience in online gaming entertainment and online marketing. Wojciech is well-known in the gaming industry and a frequent presence at many gaming conferences. He is also expert in B2B relationships and connections, and has vast experience in multiple successful start-ups.

Tomasz Kłapsia

Thirteen years of experience in all aspects of technical development in the internet and gaming industries. He is GG's CTO, project manager and lead developer of WhiteLotto software. Tomasz has extensive experience in developing blockchain applications, mobile applications, and video games.

Daniel Dworak

Specializes in web-based computer visualization and data transmission improvement (retrieval, storage and compression). Since 2013 he has been working on his doctoral thesis at the Łódz University of Technology. His PhD concerns the compression of large computer graphics data sets for interactive internet applications.

Damian Potyralski

With 5 years of commercial experience in software development, Damian is a passionate software engineer. He has developed many different kinds of software, mainly in the e-commerce industry, and has recently been exploring microservices and cloud technologies. He is a fan of static typed languages, clean code and pragmatic solutions. In addition he is a mobile applications developer.


Timo Trippler

Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice. He uses his business network to raise funds from institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity companies. He is currently connected to more than 300 institutional Investors around the world.

Norbert Radoki

Norbert supports GGCOIN with his extended social network and media experience. He is the CEO of - one of the leading news site in the crypto industry and says he is "in love" with cryptocurrencies and graphic design. His goal and passion are to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.

Jonathan Millet

NewsBTC Media Group, Chairman. Jonathan has been involved in the crypto industry since 2012. He is a hardcore believer in technology, ICO funding expert, known for strong teamwork. Believes in the right execution.

Evgeny Grishakov

From the age of 16 he has been in business, starting from retail to IT startups. In 2014 Forbes magazine rewarded Evgeny's company as the best offline startup of the year. Evgeny is CEO of Merklion Company, which is engaged in funding ICO projects. Merklion participated in such iconic projects as KamaGames, Arbidex, Micromoney and Revain.

Ciprian Filip

Former IBM-er with over 20 years experience in IT, Investment, Marketing and Sales, Ciprian is currently serving as CEO of, a venture capital company supporting blockchain companies launch and manage ICO campaigns. Ciprian have a Degree in Business Administration and speak fluently English and Romanian.

Vin Foresta

One of the early proponents of blockchain technology, Vin is a technology investor, product architect and strategic adviser. Additionally, Vin is the founder of, the worlds largest blockchain investor network. For the last 24 years, Vin has been working closely with emerging technologies and has had several successful exits.

Dr. Alberto Alexander

Selected ICO advisor and strategist, Dr. Alberto is a passionate believer in decentralized solutions. As a super connector he brings his vast network of international relationships and ICO expertise to our platform. Dr. Alberto and his team look forward to help the GG International World Lottery Team and their investors achieve their goals, gain greater global exposure and establish collaborations with some of the most influential leaders and investors worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

This Initial Coin Offering is about the first, global lottery and multiple national lotteries - fully regulated and licensed by governments with draw transparency provided by the Ethereum Smart Contracts technology backed up with legal, technical, marketing and social background with additional value of true randomness integration within blockchain, global TV show and white label software used to spread our lotteries around the world.
White label software is a product used multiple times under different brands targeting various customer groups, which is exactly what our WhiteLotto software does. We provide our software to numerous partners so they can run it under their brands and their individual color feeling. Our national and global lotteries will use separate software, better suited for their special needs, however our lotteries will be sold on our white label websites too, raising the awareness about their existence and popularizing the crypto currency advantages around the globe.
We are not small players, we know the right people and each market's specifics. We merged our contacts with experience and technological background to create the perfect combination which all of us can benefit from!
Each country has different agreements and different needs, however a significant part of income will be allocated to the Good Cause projects which will help overcome poverty and other national issues.
Our partnership with Goodson Gaming allows us to merge experience and reach markets from different media perspectives, such as radio and television. These media are the perfect examples of how we are going to connect the old-school lottery world with the new-school internet media and technologies. Goodson Gaming created over twenty successful TV shows and they work with us - believe it or not - it is solely your choice to make profit together with us or just watch as we conquer the lottery world without you.
It is a smart and well-thought system which uses quantum physics and Ethereum Smart Contract technology. The details will be revealed just before the ICO and will be included within the updated whitepaper, so everybody can check, test and validate our unique solution, which solves one of the greatest problem the blockchain had to overcome in its own, simple way.
With multiple government licenses we are not limited to the lotteries only, we can create additional fields of our e-gaming activity in the countries we operate in. We will start with lotteries, but what will the future bring? The possibilites are limitless and we ensure you, our GGCOIN will be present wherever we are.
We will simply burn them.
Yes, the team tokens will be vested for the whole year.
Yes, you need to, because we have to be sure that you are not a citizen of restricted or prohibited countries. Please refer to the Token Sale Agreement for details.
After the ICO and national lotteries start we will release the token-holder's investment panel, where you will have to submit your token-holding Ethereum account. Thanks to this, you will receive quarterly-paid dividends based on the amount of tokens you own and the total amount of tokens sold during the ICO!
Yes, we have. It is connected with the investor account. Just register on our site and decide if you want to invest your own money or generate leads and earn the tokens thanks to the commissions from your lead's transactions. You will get 5% from every token purchase. The unused affiliate tokens will be burned.
Each one of us had each own dream and experience. It turned out that our visions merged into one, global and serious project which we present to you now. We never gave up our dreams searching for the perfect moment to combine them - finding each other was just a matter of time.


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