GG World Lottery Security Token Offering – What's the hype all about?

The initial coin offerings were the first to introduce crowdfunding to the cryptoworld and quickly became a rockstar of the financial world. Various ICO's have raised billions of dollars for the companies, but due to a lack of regulation and fraudulent activities carried out by some who wanted to ride the wave just for quick profits, their star is not shining as bright as before. Still, the initial idea of a token offering is atractive both for businesses and investors alike, and has evolved to meet the market expectations into a new form of security token offering.

What makes a security token offering different than a usual ICO? The ICO coins were usually a subject of speculation and putting things simple, the final success of the ICO participants depended on how the market reacted to the coin when it got listed on exchanges. Things could go either way, depending on the project's development progress and success of the product. Before anything actually happened, there was nothing but the hype (often built by the company's marketing efforts and specialized agencies) to back the token. That's the point where a security token offering upgrades the model by backing the token with something tangible like profits, assets or revenue of the company.

Security token offering as a fundraising method is widely seen as a more stable and solid. It is expected that STO's may soon outrun ICO's thanks to providing the investors with reassurance and protection from pump-and-dump schemes seen so many times in ICO's. Security token offering is also seen as more fraud-proof and bring the cryptoworld closer to the regulatory requirements. The blockchain-based world is continously evolving and it seems the STO's are the way of the future.

This is why the GG World Lottery has also chosen to take the security token offering approach. Being a highly experienced, profitable company that created the best white label lottery software, investors of its security token offering are backed with the team's experience, know-how and the product, making it stand out from multiple ICO's that were nothing but an idea before entering the market. There are more perks for those who decide to participate in the GG World security token offering.

What makes the GG World Lottery security token offering so attractive for the investors? There's a number of factors making our project quite a unique opportunity. The token is backed not only by a great team of industry experts, led by Mark Hutchinson, a lottery veteran, member of a founding state of Lotto America, which later become Powerball – probably the world's biggest lottery. You're investing in something already tangible – a working and earning company with an already developed and renowned product.

The GG World Lottery security token offering is based on a project that aims at reinvigorating the whole lottery industry. GG International is set to introduce the first national and global lotteries utilizing a unique True Random Number Generator connected to the blockchain that will provide fairness and transparency as never before. The company has already secured licenses in 12 countries, so the project is really huge. The development of the first national lottery has already begun, and the company is moving fast to reach its goals.

The perks of the GG World Lottery security token offering? Investors will not only get the tokens they can hold, trade or sell. There's something else that any other project hasn't done before – a unique dividends payout system. Every token-holder who provides his Ethereum address in the investor panel will receive a lifetime revenue share in form of quarterly-paid dividends based on each jackpot win. That's why participating in this security token offering actually makes you a bussiness partner of the company.

That's just a brief overview of the things making the GG World security token offering so unique. Make sure to check out the whitepaper as there are many more interesting features of this project. One of them is charity support – participating in the GG World security token offering makes you a supporter of local societies in Africa, where the company will be the operator of national lotteries (or a channel-partner in countries, where such a lottery already exists). The technical part is also vert exciting, as GG International has developed the first of a kind True Random Number Generator connected to the blockchain, taking advantage of quantum physics. If you're looking to invest in something tangible, the GG World security token offering is a perfect opportunity for you.

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