What makes the GG World Lottery ico token so unique?

The initial token offering (ICO) has become one of the world's most popular fundraising method for startups. There has been a lot of coverage, both good and bad, about the ICO in the media during the last two years. Still, there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the cryptocurrencies and the hype about them aswell as initial coin offerings. Most of them is related to the fact ico's usually fail to go the regulated road (often due to lack of regulations) or their ico token isn't backed up by anything tangible, like a working product – it's often to see that the team behind the project has just an idea, but lacks know-how and experience required for the project to succeed after entering the market. Is it still worth to buy an ico token nowadays?

A simple yes or no answer to this question doesn't exist. Any company or a startup from any brand is able to conduct an initial coin offering, but one ico token is surely not equal to another. This exactly the same situation like investing in traditional initial public offering and buying shares of a company – it all depends on the particular company, its product or plans and in the end – the effects of its operations. In this article we'll clearly show why the GG World ico token stands out from hundreds of other currently ongoing initial coin offerings.

First of all, the project is developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced proffessionals in the lottery industry, led by a great name – Mark Hutchinson, who was a member of a founding state of Lotto America which has later become one of the most popular lotteries in the world – Powerball. This ico token is offered during a so-called reverse initial coin offering. This means you are not investing in a startup project, but a working and earning company. We have already developed the best white label lottery software, empowering numerous lottery ticket-selling websites.

Acquiring the GG World ico token makes you an investor in the first of a kind national and global, government-regulated online lotteries connected to the blockchain to provide unparalelled transparency and draw fairness. This will connect the old-school lottery model with the state-of-the art cryptotechnology. The GG World Lottery will be the first global lottery that will introduce a unique TV gameshow held twice a year thanks to the cooperation with Goodson Gaming, a company that produced the biggest number of lottery shows in history and worked with twenty seven lotteries during the last eighteen years. The global show will surely drive the demand for all the lotteries operated by GG International, thus increasing the token's value in the future.

The GG World Lottery ico token sale will be used to boost up the speed of developing national lotteries, but again – it's not just a plan, the development process has already begun and the company has already acquired numerous licenses in African countries. The development process of the first ones has already started and lottozambia.com is set to start in the first quarter of 2019.

Another thing that makes the GG World ico token unique is the fact that the company will spend a substantial amount of income to support local charities in the countries where it will be the national lottery operator by promoting them on Good Causes wall, allowing the participants to pick their favourite charity to support. In this way, the ico token holder will also become a supporter of the local societies.

The technical aspects behind the GG World ico token are also extremely exciting, as a part of the company's experience is developing the first of a kind True Random Number Generator connected to the blockchain. The traditional lotteries and their operations lack trust and that's where the company implements its solution to solve this problem forever. The True Random Number Generator is based on the principles of quantum physics and the blockchain technology provides full transparency of the draw process to the players. The solution will be certified by one of the biggest authorities in the gaming world, approved by hundreds of jurisdictions worldwide, Gaming Laboratories International.

Any investment should bring profits to the investor, that's obvious. This has been questioned regarding the ICO's, where the ico token could either rise or fall after entering the market and cryptoexchanges, depending on its attractiveness for the holders. The GG World ico token has been designed in a completely different manner, to provide its holders a stream of passive income without the necessity of trading or hodling in hope that its value will rise. We're pretty sure our token value will rise in time, but that's not our main model. All those who decide to buy the GG World ico token will receive lifetime revenue share in form of quarterly-paid dividends. The dividends will be paid based on each jackpot win.

There's much more about the GG World ico token you should know about that will surely make you interested in becoming our business partner as the token holder. Read all about it in our whitepaper available on the ICO's website or contact us by mail or join our Telegram group if you have any questions about our ico token.

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